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Re: Humor: the Uses of Sickle Claws

In a message dated 97-09-30 02:01:48 EDT, tons@ccs.netside.com (Michael)

<< I wish to ask a question in the same vein as your answer.  Just why 
 can't these claws have multiple uses?  Dogs dig, scratch and run with 
 theirs.  Cats climb, hold prey, rip flesh, run and scratch with 
 theirs.  Yes, they're not dinos but I fantasize about Utahraptor 
 scratching with the hind claw, holding onto prey, slashing and 
 holding with front claws and support for running and ??climbing. >>

Of course they had multiple uses (see, for example, Greg Paul's neat painting
of two _Velociraptors_ grooming with theirs). Absolutely. Animals are always
much more creative than we are at coming up with new things to use their
natural "tools" for.