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Re: Dinosaur books

At 06:55 PM 9/29/97 -0600, akins wrote:
>I would like to hear what people thought of Bob Bakker's novel "Raptor Red".
>Personally, it's my favorite dinosaur book ever, fact or fiction.  Bakker has 
>some excellent ideas about Utahraptor, as well as other creatures that lived 
>at the same time and area.  Many times in the book he writes from Red's (the 
>main carachter's) point of view.  He does an excellent job at "transporting" 
>the reader into Red's body and mind.

You can check the dinosaur listserve archives for my review of the book.
(If someone wants to repost it, you have my permission, but I don't have
time for that now).

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