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RE: Dinosaur books/non-scientific

I enjoyed the book as 'fiction'.  Yes he does write an interesting novel 
and he did make the personality of his characters come alive.  Subtitle 
should have been A Year in the Life of a Utahraptor    :D

Since you enjoyed it you might find a trilogy that I recently discovered to 
be of interest
They are Fantasy/sci-fi and are titled: Farseer, Fossil Hunter and 
Foreigner by Robert J. Sawyer   Publisher: Ace Paperbacks.  I bought them 
used for <$10 for all three....I won't ruin the story for anyone who is 
interested (besides I am only 1/2 way thru the series) but they are set on 
a planet where dinosaurs are the dominant species.  And you may be 
surprised at some of the plot twists.  I am not saying that they are 
paleontologically correct but they do show some thought and research (if X 
type behaviour is thought to be true of real dinosaurs....perhaps Y type 
behaviour could have resulted in time) Let me know what you think

Louise Sugar <yes I realize that this is offtopic but I did tell you in the 
subject  ;)>

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I would like to hear what people thought of Bob Bakker's novel "Raptor 
Personally, it's my favorite dinosaur book ever, fact or fiction.  Bakker 
some excellent ideas about Utahraptor, as well as other creatures that 
at the same time and area.  Many times in the book he writes from Red's 
main carachter's) point of view.  He does an excellent job at 
the reader into Red's body and mind.