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chinese dino DNA

Hello everybody,

Yesterday evening I have seen a report on a hungarian channel with a chinese 
guy and some other paleontologists. Perhaps it is also interesting for you,
but don't forget that I'm not responsible what they said, just translating.
Otherwise, the chinese paleontologist have already published his results - 
in chinese. It was a nice article, they have shown that.

So the chinese guy a few month ago accidentally broke a dinosaur egg. The egg
was never broken before so it was almost empty inside. There was a small 
something in the egg - the fossil of the early stage of the dino embryo. 
The other thing in the egg was a strange soft cotton like material on the 
shell. This material is made of some fine crystallines of a mineral and organic
material. He have tried to separate some DNA from this organic material and as 
he said it was succesful so much that he have practically the complete genetic
material of the animal. He have compared the sequences to the genom of a lot of
living plants and animals and it was most similar to some birds so the guy is
sure he found an avian dinosaur's genom.
As he said: we are very near to make clones of this dinosaur species.

The phone number of the report series as I can recall 36-30-800-200 or 200-800
I don't remember exactly. I hope they can give you more information in english.

One more thing about the dino locations: there is a desert that is called 
Kysyl-kum. I'm not sure it is in Tadjikisthan but somewhere there.

Gabor (The Terrible)