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Re: Humor: the Uses of Sickle Claws

Well, I don't think the analogy really fits.  When one swings a knife, the
impact is absorbed by the whole fist and arm, not just a finger or two
holding the knife.  And if one sharp point were the "best" way to strike,
what other animal works this way? 
And martial arts experts who claim they can hang  their entire body weight
on just two toes... can you run and jump onto an opponent four or five
times your size and grab him with two toes and hold on while he struggles
and rolls over etc.?  Even if you had big sharp claws on those toes?  Even
if you held on with your hands?  If so, let's keep our arguments on the

>would someone please explain to me why humans (who could
> clearly fashion weapons to any specification imaginable) prefer to stab,
> gouge, lacerate, and otherwise do serious bodily harm (to fellow humans
> and/or other animals) with manual weapons which have but a single blade
> rather than a rake-like arrangement?  (The Freddy Krueger model)? 
> Ralph (not an authority) Miller III <gbabcock@best.com>
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