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Pete Von Sholly wrote:

> Is there an existing true didactyl animal that has three or more functional
> toes?

Yup. See Jim Farlow's post about seriemas in the archive:


Seems to me that this ground has been covered to death. Isn't there
anything new to talk about? What about the fact that my local paper
reported, in an interview with a Connecticut native who was on the dig with
Rigby, that the lower jaw of the new "_Tyrannosaurus_" is (quote) seven
feet long (!)? Is there any other word about this specimen (obviously I
don't believe the quote from my paper) that's a tad more reliable? Anyone
know if Keith plans to attend SVP?

61 dinotalks at SVP this year, and all we can do here is rehash some tired
old discussion about dromaeosaur claws? Sheesh!

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)