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So who's stopping you from talking about wonderful new things?  Maybe YOU
have talked about this stuff all you want but that doesn't mean others
have.  And I've waded through reams or "marines vs raptors" so don't gripe
to me about bandwidth. When I'm not interested in something here I just
ignore it.

> From: Dinogeorge@aol.com
> To: franczak@ntplx.net; dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: DIDACTYLS
> Date: Tuesday, September 30, 1997 3:02 PM
> In a message dated 97-09-30 17:39:38 EDT, franczak@ntplx.net writes:
> << Seems to me that this ground has been covered to death. Isn't there
>  anything new to talk about? >>
> INDEED. There's no way to test any hypothesis about the behavior of
> in general and the uses of the dromaeosaurid sickle claw in particular
> without seeing a live dinosaur or dromaeosaurid in action. This whole
> is just going around in circles and wasting bandwidth.