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Re: Common References

>I wonder, do most of the participants here (on various discussions) have
>the same books?  For instance, I refer often to Dinosauria and Don Glut's
>Encyclopedia for info.  Can I assume most of us have these books?  It would
>be useful to be able to point to a particular illustration sometimes when
>making a point- especially if one knew that others could look at the same
>thing-  PVS

        Just an adjunct to this posit, and a question tangentially related
to dinosaurs:  as most of you are aware (and, in fact, involved),
paleontologists are notorious library-builders as they collect reams of
reprints, xeroxes, and compendiums.  I personally have my own library
partitioned by subject, but I've noticed that numerous paleontologists
divvy theirs up by author instead.  How does each list member do theirs,
and why?  (This isn't important...I'm simply curious).

                                                -- Jerry