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Re: "Jurassosaurus" or "Tianchisaurus"

In a message dated 97-09-30 20:23:28 EDT, akins@msu.oscs.montana.edu writes:

<< Does anyone if either of these names for a Chinese Ankylosaur from the 
 Jurassic period has been decided upon or published.  Last I heard about 
 either one there was a small controversy going on about which name to 
 publish.  Either way I like the species name nedegoapeferkimorum.  Whoever 
 read the Dinosaur Encyclopedia knows that it was named after the 
 cast of Jurassic Park.
 Larry "Raptor" Akins

Here's the entry for this genus as it stands in MM #2 third edition (italics
and tabs are removed by e-mail):

Genus: Sangonghesaurus Zhao, 1983 [nomen nudum]
No type species named
NOTE: This may be another nomen nudum for the genus Tianchisaurus, which was
discovered in the Sangonghe Valley, Fukang County, Xinjiang.

Genus: Tianchisaurus Dong, 1993
= "Jurassosaurus" Dong vide Holden, 1992 [nomen nudum; this name for the
genus (and type species) first published in a News Report in the December 18,
1992 Science]
= Teinchisaurus Dong, 1987 [nomen nudum]
= Tenchisaurus [Anonymous] 1981 [nomen nudum; transliterated from Japanese
and first published in Latin by Glut (1982)]
= Tianchiasaurus Dong, 1993 [sic]
= Tianchisaurus Dong, 1992 [nomen nudum]
T. nedegoapeferima Dong, 1993
= "Jurassosaurus nedegoapeferkimorum" Dong vide Holden, 1992 [nomen nudum]
= Tianchiasaurus nedegoapeferima Dong, 1993 [sic]
NOTE: The earliest name for this genus was published in Japanese in a
dinosaur chart in the anonymous guidebook to the 1981 Chinese dinosaur
exhibition in Japan; its Latin spelling is a transliteration provided by M.
Tanimoto (pers. comm.). Both spellings Tianchisaurus and Tianchiasaurus
appeared in the original description (Dong, 1993), but the spelling
Tianchisaurus was indicated as correct in a subsequent emendation.