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Re: Common References

My library is entered into a MS Access (tm) database with the following
Publ Date
ISBN or Library of Congress No.
Dewey Classification
No. of pages
Major Subject e.g. Paleontology
Minor Subject e.g. Dinosaurs
Memo field - for abstract or book review (if I ever get the time)

I print several different reports, sorting by Subject(s), Titles, Date of
Publication, Authors, etc.

Hope this helps,

At 06:39 PM 9/30/97 CDT, you wrote:
>>I wonder, do most of the participants here (on various discussions) have
>>the same books?  For instance, I refer often to Dinosauria and Don Glut's
>>Encyclopedia for info.  Can I assume most of us have these books?  It would
>>be useful to be able to point to a particular illustration sometimes when
>>making a point- especially if one knew that others could look at the same
>>thing-  PVS
>        Just an adjunct to this posit, and a question tangentially related
>to dinosaurs:  as most of you are aware (and, in fact, involved),
>paleontologists are notorious library-builders as they collect reams of
>reprints, xeroxes, and compendiums.  I personally have my own library
>partitioned by subject, but I've noticed that numerous paleontologists
>divvy theirs up by author instead.  How does each list member do theirs,
>and why?  (This isn't important...I'm simply curious).
>                                                -- Jerry