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  _Irenichnites gracilis_ is very probably the ichnite of Deinonychus or a
very similar taxon. It is tridactyl. I'm not the only one who thinks so. An
illustration can be found in : Sternberg,C.M. 1926. Dinosaurs from Peace
River, British Columbia. National Museum of Canada Ann. Rept. 1930:59-85. 
 This is being repetitious, I know, and I'm sorry. This will be MY spiel,
like Dinogeorge's Birds Came First. So there!
  It is also interesting to note that C.M.Sternberg illustrated the sickle
claw along with the rest of the leg back in the 30's I believe
(Stenonychosaurus?). I can give you all the citation in a couple of weeks. 
Dan Varner.