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Dilophosaurus: the Error

Just one bit.

There seemed to be an assumption that the diloph in JP was an adult, 
shrunk down by Speilberg and all the excess mass pumped into the 
*Velociraptor* that harrowed the stars' lives in Kauai. I was pretty 
certain Wayne Knight [aka, Dennis Nedry] told the little diloph that he 
was glad "it's not one of your big brothers". This statement, to my 
mind, meant the little fella wasn't full grown.

In the book, they were presented as fossils had them, at about twenty 
feet, though we are pretty certain now that *Dilophosaurus* is 
represented by immature specimens, due to the unfused centra/neural 
arches complex.

Hmmm. Not worth 2 cents, but....

Jaime A. Headden

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