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Re: Dino and Paleo Artists: Request for help

Your "Arts Legal" folks wouldn't know fine art if it bit them in the ass!
Dinosaur art is definitely "fine art".  The subject matter is ancient
wildlife and whether the medium is Oil, Gouache, Pastel, Pencil, Pen & Ink
or Bronze the result, when done by a highly accomplished artist, can be
called fine art.  Hallett, Henderson, Paul, Skrepnick, Czerkas, Braginetz,
McVey, Trcic, etc. are highly talented artists and anyone who can't see
their work as fine art needs new eyes and direction in their life.  If your
"Arts Legal" folks want to see dinosaur art in a FINE ART gallery send them
to the Dawn of Time Art Gallery otherwise don't confide in their lack of
Joe Dasso
Dawn of Time Art Gallery
e-mail: joedasso@earthlink.net
web site: http://home.earthlink.net/~joedasso/index.html