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Re: GSP-Preditory Dinosaurs of the World

You write:
> Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Prededory "Dinosaurs of the
> by Gregory S. Paul?  I've been looking for it everywhere! 

The one I have was one of two copies (although I don't know if the other
one is still there) from The Hannum Company, P.O. Box 1505, Ardmore, OK
73402, (405) 223-4826.

Good luck!

Grant Harding
High school student/closet paleontologist
"...I suspect he actually has a subspecies of _Stenonychosaurus_, though I
haven't decided for sure...small Triassic carnivore--two meters from pes to
acetabulum. In point of fact, a rather ordinary theropod..." -from
Crichton's The Lost World