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Cold-climate plesiosaurs(was Re: Survival)

Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> Here I'm inclined to think the chances are even less.  First of all, the lakes
> from which such "lake monsters" are reported are usually cold temperate
> places,
> and without some evidence that marine reptiles could live in such habitats I
> would consider their presence there unlikely. 

Actually there is good evidence that the Early Cretaceous inland
sea that covered most of Australia contained icebergs at times,
due to the presence of "dropstones" in marine sediments. Plesiosaur
and Pliosaur remains (as well as the occasional Mosasaur scrap) are
known from this period. There are also plesiosaur teeth from fresh
water locals in South Eastern Australia, well within the Antarctic
circle at the time.

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia