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Re: Diatryma and mammals!

>I'm not saying diatrymids did not prefer swamp forests or swamps - only
that I
>haven't heard any DIRECT evidence yet that they did.

        Apparently, such evidence does exist, but it has yet to be properly
studied scientifically. A "freelance inventor" found and excavated a 13 by
13 inch fossil track from siltstone of the Puget Group from near Seattle,
which is roughly Middle Eocene and predominantly a swampy lowland
environment. The track  is in a crevasse splay overbank deposit, and is
currently collecting dust in the basement of the Burke Museum at UW. 
        It is apparently the track of Diatryma, based on a simple process of
elimination. But the Burke's vert paleo curator, Johnny Rensberger, thinks
it's a hoax, even though Durham, Savage, Andors, and a bunch of other
paleontologists believe it to be genuine. The jury is still out, maybe some
day it will be properly described.

Sam Girouard