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Possible new Hypsilophodon species found in Japan

The Kyodo News Service is reporting that the "remains of the skull 
of a potentially new plant-eating dinosaur species were unearthed 
intact from a rock formation in Shiramine, Ishikawa Prefecture...",

The find "was excavated from a stratum in the Tetori Formation that 
dates back 130 million years to the early Cretaceous Period." 
"A more important distinguishing factor for the Shiramine discovery is 
the difference in the fossilized skull's appearance from specimens 
found in other countries, such as Britain or Australia." 
"The remains, the left half of a Hypsilophodon skull, measure 10 
centimeters from the beak to the back of the skull and 7 cm from 
the crown to the jaw."

"From the size of its head, experts believe this particular dinosaur 
was 130 cm long -- small considering Hypsilophodon usually 
measured 2 to 6 meters long." 

"A look at the skull's cross-section reveals rows of 5-millimeter 
teeth, whose trapezoidal shape provides the officials and paleontologists 
who have seen the specimen one reason to suspect this Hypsilophodon 
could have evolved differently from the others."