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Re: Survival

Betty Cunningham wrote:

> ah, but weren't the okapi (the okapi) and the orangutan (the original
> 'old man' of the forest) both parts of  primitive folklore and
> discussed amongst anthropologists as mythological creatures before
> either actually showed up?

Surely there's a big difference between an animal such as the
orang-utan and okapi living in a remote, 'unexplored' wilderness
about a hundred years ago, and a lake in the middle of a reputedly
civilised country. (I've seen Braveheart too.)


"There were one thousand, two hundred and eighty-three religious books
there now, each one - according to itself - the only book any man need
read. It was sort of nice to see them all together. As Didactolys used
say, you had to laugh."     *Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett*

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