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Re: CNN:"world's largest group of dino footprints" in Bolivia

I appreciate you posting the notes about these strange stories showing up
on CNN. But Every time over the past few days I've tried to get into the
CNN site you mention (for this story and for the earlier one on the 'giant
pelvis'), I get an error message saying "Due to system maintenance, we have
temporarily limited access to this service." Are other people having this
problem? It looks to me like the way you access these stories isn't open to
others because it's custom news. I also tried searching the CNN cite on
"dinosaur" and "dinosaur footprints" and didn't come up with this story.

-- Jeff Hecht

 the site is
>=break in line at equals signs=
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>"The site covers an area of 269,100 square feet (25,000 sq meters),
>Meyer said, emphasising that nowhere else on earth is there an area that
>large with dinosaur        footprints."
>-I'm not sure but doesn't the recently discussed Australian foorprint
>site of miles of footprints along the beach beat this out?
>           Betty Cunningham
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