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Re: Diatryma and mammals!

>An important afterthought: eurytropy is common in animals dependent upon
>wetlands.  But they need the deep cover of the marsh, pothole, swamp,
>whatever, to reproduce.  When this cover disappears, so do they.  Indeed,
>predation is a major source of nest destruction in waterbirds of the
>prairies (ref. if needed) which are dependent upon potholes for nesting. 

True, though we have no idea if this applied to Diatryma.

>Also, if something did not prevent radiation of diatryma into more diverse
>niches, a thoroughly reasonable expectation is that we would observe
>adaptive radiation in that body plan!

This could be an artifact of the fossil record, of course.  And some mammal
lines (eg Tubilidantata) aren't wildly diverse either.
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