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>In a message dated 98-08-02 13:59:30 EDT, cbrochu@fmppr.fmnh.org writes:
><< At present, the phylogenetic pattern recovered by multiple independent
> analyses over the past decade does not support secondary flightlessness.
> Secondary flightlessness is an additional assumption placed on the pattern
> a posteriori.  Is it a bad assumption?  Not necessarily - but it is
> secondary, and hence not parsimonious. >>
>Actually, secondary flightlessness is the simplest and most parsimonous way to
>describe the relationship between birds and theropod dinosaurs.

[List of features snipped]

Actually, this is precisely the thing that makes BCF an "umbrella
hypothesis."  Given the weight of *all available evidence*, BCF is not the
simplest explanation; but given a few transformations that might seem
problematic in isolation, BCF seems outwardly to fare better.


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