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<<BCF is the simplest and most straightforward.>> 

Not much for modesty eh? :-) 

Anyway, is this a FACT?  Sounds to me like its an OPINION.  This is like 
saying that there is a such thing as alien abductions because you like 
the idea better than other offerings.  I cannot see why BCF (again, I 
hate these stupid acronyms) is more simple and straightforward than 
other bird origin theories.  Really, it is simply a compromise between 
the dinosaur bird origins theory and the alternative bird origins 
theory.  Compromise is good but if there is no evidence for something 
like this actually happening then the compromise is no good. 

And quit the "miracles" nonsense.  There are no "miracles" being 
supported here.  Simply exaptations.  Let me tell you about another 
"miracle": early tetrapod limbs evolved for slow "walking" through water 
(_Acanthostega_); then evolved for walking (_Ichthyostega_); then 
evolved for better support on land (temnospondyls, leposondyls, 
lissamphibians, early amniotes, etc.); evolved a more erect stance for 
faster speeds ("theraspids", cynodontids, early mammals); evolved a more 
erect stance for even more efficient and faster walking (tribosphenic 
mammals); elongated for faster speeds (_Hyracotherium_); and finally 
lengthened to the point seen in modern _Equus_.  The same can be 
explained for the flight stroke.  Climbing is similiar to the flight 
stroke kinematically and uses up similiar energy; gliding is 
prerequisite to flight energetically, myologically, etc; and flight is 
similiar to both functions (Rayner 1985, 1991).  You can use this 
sequence in theropod phylogeny.  


I got my copy from the local library.  I lost the book somewhere and had 
to end up paying for it.  I found it later.  It was $20.

Matt Troutman

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