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At 8/2/98, Ron Buckley wrote:
>Hi, I spent six months going to every book store in my area. I also had
>relatives in Chicago, Phoenix  and San Diego look for Greg Pauls book.
>Therefore since I used everything at my disposal I only had one option
>left and I went ahead and spent the seventy dollars-and you know
>something I am glad I did. If you can find some more copies at that
>price please let me know as I know two people who will gladly take one
>immediatly. Thanks, Ron (:O)

Try some of the online used-book databases like www.mxbf.com and
www.bibliofind.com.  They're almost always cheaper than traditional book
search services, which are mostly for finding pricey collectors' items and
first editions.  Right now Bibliofind has a copy of Paul's _Predatory
Dinosaurs of the World_ for $12.50.

Raphael Carter <anagram@chaparraltree.com>