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Re: CNN:"world's largest group of dino footprints" in Bolivia

some people seem to have this proiblem and other people don't.  I don't
 know why.  Try asking the CNN webmaster maybe?  If worse comes to worse, just
try registering for your own custom news.  It's free and I haven't recieved any
SPAM from them the whole time I've been registered.

Jeff Hecht wrote:

> I appreciate you posting the notes about these strange stories showing up
> on CNN. But Every time over the past few days I've tried to get into the
> CNN site you mention (for this story and for the earlier one on the 'giant
> pelvis'), I get an error message saying "Due to system maintenance, we have
> temporarily limited access to this service." Are other people having this
> problem?--

           Betty Cunningham
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