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Re: Cold-climate plesiosaurs(was Re: Survival)

Source of post by Larry Dunn, and brief synopsis of this article.

Recently in the April 1998 edition of Discover magazine the idea of a seiche
was mentioned as a possible cause of Lake Monster sightings. The example
used in the article was ?Champ? from Lake Champlain on the Vermont / New
York borders. The seiche is described as an immense underwater wave, this
wave is virtually unnoticeable on the lakes surface, but causes immense
turmoil (underwater storm) below the surface. If a log or other debris was
pushed by this large wave it could suddenly move to the surface of the lake
and then disappear again rapidly constituting a possibly ?sighting?.
April 1998, Discover Magazine, Monster of the Tub by Dick Teresi


Craig Heinselman
Milford, NH  USA
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Subject: Re: Cold-climate plesiosaurs(was Re: Survival)

>---Ronald Orenstein <ornstn@inforamp.net> wrote:
>> Well, so much for that objection to Nessie!  Very interesting -
>though I still
>> think Loch Ness probably has nothing in it bigger than salmon and
>> monster-hunters!
>Nessie, Champ and other paranormal-plesiosaurs are believed by some
>thinking humans to be logs picked up and carried around by powerful
>submarine waves in an "erratic" manner closely approximating the
>movements of a living animal.  Check out a recent edition of Discover
>Magazine (sorry, recycled it) for more details.
>That having been said, I'm still having trouble getting those damned
>trilobites out of my septic tank.
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