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Re: A New Venue for Cryptozoological discussion was .

On 3 Aug 98 09:22:00 EDT, you wrote:

<cryptozoology - dinosaur paleontology bit snipped>

>As I recall Garrison Hilliard (sp?) is involved in/runs such a list, and
>perhaps he will supply the subscription information.

(Garrison rushes to center stage on cue)

Well, I thought I'd mentioned it before, but the list's name is
SKEPTIX, and pointing the www browser of your choice to 
http://www.netspace.org/cgi-bin/lwgate/skeptix is the best way to join

us in scientific investigation of a wide variety of Fortean and
paranormal subjects. 

Of course, feel free to contact me if anyone needs more info or has
problems signing up!

(Garrison struts back to the wings, taking the boffo laughs and cheers
as an obvious sign of audience approval... then he notices his open