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Re: _Night Comes to the Cretaceous_

Here is my little book review, excuse my opinions if you don't like them:

I read the book. It was pretty bad, IMHO. It was a rehashing of the same old 
arguments and evidence. 

What really disturbed me was the tone of the book. There is some pretty petty 
stuff in there, and some degree of bashing (the parts on the book, _The great 
Extinction Controversy_ comes to mind). One of Powell's goals seems to make ALL 
anti- catastrophists seem like a bunch of fashioned, slug-brained morons who 
can't accept the obvious. Regardless to your opinions on the K-T extinction, it 
is utterly insulting to classify some of the best minds in the field that way 
(Peter Dodson comes to mind quickly) just because they take a more conservative 
view of the Impact hypothesis! 

I'll stop now, before I insert some unimaginative nasty phrases and tell you 
how I REALLY feel about this book!

-Sherry Michael