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In a message dated 98-08-03 17:45:26 EDT, znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

<< A) I didn't buy this "morphospace" analogy before, and I don't buy
 it now. I insist that you respond to my earlier posting on the subject
 before you use it again.
C) Flying-flightless is a simple step my butt! If it's so simple,
how com flight has only evolved three times within the Vertebrata? Is it
only simple one way? If so, then your statement above is patently wrong.>>

<<further ranting snipped>>

You really shouldn't display your ignorance in public like this. It's
certainly clear from your response that you have no idea what you're talking
about; perhaps you should look into some field other than paleontology to
pursue a career in. Sorry about the flame, but your entire post flames me.