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Dinosaur Restorations to Color

My artist brother, who was a dinosaur enthusiast in his childhood, has had
his interest rekindled of late and is working on a coloring book called
"Dinosaurs! Restorations to Color!." His aim is to have 57 dinosaurs
represented in 34 pages. Samples of his work can be seen at:

He would very much like the interpretations of the dinosaurs to reflect
current knowledge/thinking. If anyone would care to take a look at the
samples and comment on them, I will relay your remarks to him. (He has no
email address of his own. The web page was put up by a commercial outfit,
who also set up an email address for inquiries, but misspelled the last

Please send comments/suggestions to me offlist. Please keep in mind that
this is a work in progress. 

(We're looking for constructive criticism regarding such things as the
hornlets above the _T. rex's_ eye in the cover painting--does it
make the head too "allosaurish"? and the sprawling forelegs of the
_Ankylosaurus_--should they be more directly under the body? And anything
else that may need correcting.)

----- Amado Narvaez