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Dino-related places in the south of England that one should not miss

Hi everybody,

This long time lurker and occasional poster is popping up his head for a
simple question. I'll probably be going to the Third International
Conference on GeoComputation in Bristol this september (see
http://www.ggy.bris.ac.uk/geocomp/geocomp.html) since a rewrite of my MSc.
thesis by Marc van Kreveld will be one of the papers.

Anyway, I plan to extend this into a week long vacation in the south of
England. Apart from popping over by hovercraft for one day to visit
Canterbury while on vacation in the north of France some years ago I've
never been there, so I might as well get as much leverage out of this visit
to the Isles as I can.

Since the whole dinosaur story (as we now know it, in a scientific sense)
started in the middle of the last century in the south of England it's
obvious that a real dino-nut like myself cannot spend a couple of days in
the area without going to "hunt for dinosaurs", so to speak.

So, my question to all of you is this: What musea/exhibitions/locations in
the south of England that are dinosaur-related should in your opinion never
be missed by any dinophile going there (and why)? As soon as I have a list
of such places, I can start doing further planning based on the locations I

(Please answer off-list, unless you think you reply contains dinosaur
information interesting for anyone on the list.)

Thank you very much in advance.
Jarno Peschier

Compass Interactive / NedStat
(ICQ: 11364879)

P.S. Of course suggestions for things that have nothing to do with dinosaurs
are welcome too (for instance: if I go, I'll definately visit Stonehenge for
instance), but since this is the dinosaur mailinglist I thought I'd keep
this question dinosaur related for now. ;-)