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TomHopp@aol.com wrote:
> Dinogeorge wrote:
> <Obviously I haven't gotten across why the "ground up" BADD paradigm requires
> a
> miracle: The miracle is in the accumulation of a >suite< of characters (not
> just one or two but lots) in a non-flying, large, cursorial biped that
> suddenly allows it to fly.>
>     I'm with Matt on this one, George.  Like a clever politician, you are
> painting your opponent in preposterous colors and then demolishing him.  Too
> BADD you can't run for president on the BCF ticket.  I think you could win.
>     You conclude that a miracle is required, after stating a preposterous set
> of requirements.  Who said the cursorial ancestor was large?  YOU DID. 

No he doesn't.

> <Big theropods six feet long or bigger simply ran around flapping their arms,
> and suddenly, like Peter Pan, they became small and could fly. This is the
> miracle.>
>     Nice and preposterous, George, but you imply that no theropods existed
> which were smaller than six feet. 

No he dosen't. You and others just don't get it. I've had numerous
conversations with George, he's writtin numerous times about this
subject. SMALL theropods evoleved into LARGE theropods.

 Somebody once said that, due to the patchy
> nature of the fossil record, it is virtually impossible to prove that
> something DIDN'T EXIST. 

Could have been me. I'm not sure, but I know I've said something like

 Doesn't your statement assume the non-existence of
> tiny theropods in the Triassic/Jurassic that could have evolved into birds?


As to some one else's question/statement that only flightlessness in
birds is found on islands only. What about Diatryma, Phororhacos,
Brontornithids, Dryornitthids, Cunampaiidae, Bathornithidae or Cariamia?
(I don't know if all of them were flighless, but I now the first 4
were). Did they evolve on an island then move to the mainland? I don't
know, but, they came from flighted birds.