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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #95

The following information arrived this morning in a telephone call from Dan
Chure. If I've transcribed the citations incorrectly, my apologies; I'll send
more complete citations in a follow-up post.

In the following publication:

Tomida, Y., Rich, T. H. & Vickers-Rich, P., eds., 1998. _Second Symposium
Gondwana Dinosaurs Abstracts with Program, 12-13 July 1998, National Sciences
Museum, Tokyo_: 24 pp.

(1) Bonaparte, J., 1998. "An armored sauropod from the Aptian of northern
Patagonia, Argentina," p. 10.

(2) Bonaparte, J. & Ferigolo, ?, 1998. "A new and primitive saurischian
dinosaur, _Guaibasaurus dandelariai_ [sic], gen. et sp. nov., from the Late
Triassic Caturrita Formation of southern Brazil," p. 11.

Abstract (1) introduces the armored sauropod _Augustia ligabuei_, probably
representing a new family. Material includes a presacral vertebral column and
limb elements. The abstract notes large dorsal plates roughly resembling those
of stegosaurs in size and shape apparently arranged in a single row above the
tips of the tranversely expanded neural spines and connected to them by
smaller dermal ossifications.

Abstract (2) introduces the primitive saurischian _Guaibasaurus candelariai_
(the species name is apparently misspelled in the title). Material includes a
pelvis and virtually complete hind limb, perhaps other stuff. Resembles
_Staurikosaurus_ and _Herrerasaurus_ in some features, but nothing else in
other features. Metatarsals I-IV long, V splintlike with no digit. Formation
is dated as approximately "Ischigualastian."

These become genera #830 and 831 in the Dinosaur Genera List:

Augustia Bonaparte, 1998
Guaibasaurus Bonaparte & Ferigolo, 1998

The symposium abstracts should arrive here within a few days, at which time
I'll complete the citations. There are lots of interesting papers abstracted
in the volume; can't wait for publication of the symposium proceedings volume.

If anyone can provide a citation for the following sauropod:

Lirainasaurus astibiae Sanz et al, 1998

I'll be glad to add it to the Dinosaur Genera List.