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Flightless Birds (was Re: BCF ANDPDW)

Tracy L. Ford wrote:
>What about Diatryma, Phororhacos, Brontornithids, Dryornitthids, Cunampaiidae,
>Bathornithidae or Cariamia? [...] Did they evolve on an island then move to the
> mainland? I don't know, but, they came from flighted birds.

Ronald I. Orenstein wrote:
> However, ostriches did not evolve on islands, [...]

Curtis B. Olson wrote:
>Apologies if this has already been stated, but I thought secondary 
>flightlessness evolves where there is a lack of predation?

I wrote:
>        T) As some have observed, birds tend to become flightless in
>environments which have been depleted of other fauna (e.g. islands). How was
>it that successive groups of flighted theropods were more successful within
>niches than dinosaurs which had had millions of years to adapt to those same
>niches in the past?
        I hate to try to nip what may be a fruitful discussion in the bud,
but I was not making a point about islands. I was taking George to task on
the implication that a flying bird can do a non-avian archosaurs
running-and-jumping-and-killing job better than the non-avian. That's all.
P.S. Sorry for quoting so much today. And the excessive quoting on the list
was just starting to annoy me, too! Bloody hypocrits you people are. :)
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