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Re: _Night Comes to the Cretaceous_

In a message dated 98-08-03 10:39:46 EDT, MICHAELS@preit.com writes:

<< I'll stop now, before I insert some unimaginative nasty phrases and tell
you how I REALLY feel about this book! >>

I just started reading my copy of the book. It's not as bad as all that,
really, and rather entertaining. Way back when Alvarez et al first published
their paper, I realized they had hit on the coup de grace: whatever dinos were
left at the end of the Cretaceous were almost certainly wiped out by that
asteroid impact. But when I started discussing the possibility with certain
dinosaur paleontologists, they plain refused to consider it (notable
exception, of course: Dale Russell). "Science fiction," I recall one saying to
me. So when the author of _Night_ does some paleo head-bashing, I sympathize.

The coincidence of a proven giant bolide impact at exactly the K-T boundary
and the complete, worldwide extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs is just
plain too strong for there to be no connection between impact and extinction.
The physicists are right, and the dinosaurologists are weenies.