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Weird new Argentine sauropod

I reported this new genus in Dinosaur Genera List corrections #95. The
abstract arrived here earlier today (thanks, Dan Chure!); it is short enough
to be reproduced in its entirety:


Jose F. Bonaparte

in _Second Symposium Gondwana Dinosaurs, 12-13 July, 1998, National Science
Museum, Tokyo_, edited by Yukimitsu Tomida, Thomas H. Rich, Patricia Vickers-
Rich, p. 10.

"_Augustia ligabuei_, gen. et sp. nov., is an armoured sauropod bearing
outstanding dermal ossifications on the top of each presacral and sacral
neural arch. It was collected in the Aptian continental beds of the Lohan Cura
Formation in southern Neuquen Province, Argentina.

"The collected material includes a sequence of 19 incomplete neural arches, 9
dermal ossifications located on the neural spines, a right tibia and fibula
with an incomplete astragalus, and 5 metatarsals from the left side.

"On the anterior dorsal and possibly on the cervical vertebrae there was an
axial, symmetrical ossification 21cm high; posteriorly this ossification
changes into a transversely broadened plate, 65 cm wide, with pronounced
laterodorsally [sic] projections; further posteriorly the unpaired plate
splits in two laminar ossifications 40 cm long from which extend rather
cylindrical spikes 50 cm long, projecting laterodorsally; on the sacral
vertebrae these spikes become laminar, 75 cm long. The more anterior
ossifications are connected to the neural spine through a separate
ossification, while the paired osteoderms are connected to the transversely
broad top of the neural spine by a set of two small bones, probably of dermal

"What is available of this new sauropod does not permit reconstruction of the
precise relationships with other sauropods. However, the information from the
incomplete neural arches plus the presence of the unique type of dermal
ossifications suggest that _Augustia ligabuei_ represents a new family of
Aptian sauropods for South America, and possibly for other continents of

Where are the press releases for this beast?? Those plates and spikes are
pretty big.