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Re: Cold climate plesiosaurs (was Re: Survival)

Paul Willis wrote (by proxy):
> I (Paul) have spent a lot of time looking at these sediments and never
> seen a dropstone. I also don't know of any records of dropstone
> in the inland sea. You could be talking about the Victorian deposits,
> but these are not part of the inland sea.

According to Rich, Rich and Rich 1996:
        "Professor Larry Frakes and those working with him at the
University of Adelaide think that they have good evidence that the
sea had icebergs in it at times - at least in the area around
northern South Australia. They have found big rocks, which they call
dropstones, in a very fine sediment called the Bulldog Shale...
One sensible explanation that they came up with was that icebergs
had floated out into the sea carrying rocks they had picked up as
they moved along the ground when the ice was part of a glacier."

Perhaps the inland Queensland deposits were too far north, but
dropstones seem to appear in the southern reaches of the Early
Cretaceous sea. Along with aquatic reptile remains. What does this
say (or at least suggest) about their likely metabolisms?
        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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