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Hey all,
        I have been eagerly following the list for a few weeks now. I have
learned a tremendous amount and am happy for the motivational boost it has
given me for this fall semester. I have a few questions pertaining to some
of the messages. If some of you could take a moment to answer them, I
would be most grateful.
        Definition of IMHO
        Definition of parsimonious
        Confirmation-Maastrichtian is the latter part of the Cretaceous,
directly before the extinction?

Those are the main questions. I was also curious to know if any of you out
there can recommend a good place to go fossil hunting in the
midwest-Chicago, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids areas?
Chad Laibly
University of Iowa

        One more thing! Did any of you happen to catch the T-REX show on
Discovery last night (Friday) It talked about Giganodosaurus(sp?) from
South America and Sereno's huge carnosaur from Madagascar. There was
also an interesting rib bone of the North American "Megalosaur" presented
by Bob Bakker-he also had a jugal from the dinosaur that he claimed
dwarfed the other two by comparison. Great show. The night boefore there
was an awesome show on architeuthis dux. Clyde Roper made a few remarks
and they showed a 26 ft long specimen that washed up on a beach in 1995.