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Re: Scubasaurus!!!

Jordan Mallon wrote:

<If an Apatosaurus louisae (as depicted in the book) swam into 40 feet
of water, it would have been more than safe from a pack of Allosaurus
atrox.  I say this because what would the attackers have done once
they killed the apatosaur out so deep?  If the victim didn't sink
first, the allosaurs would have had three choices:
  1) eat and swim at the same time.
  2) go back ashore and wait for the carcass to wash
  3) somehow climb atop the dead body and eat the dead
     dino, then have to swim back on a full belly.>

  There's another possibility: the allosaurs could do the
tugboat-thing and drag the carcass back to shore. One must then wonder
what would be required to pull your share of a 90-ton herbivore with
about 19 of your friends and relatives, and how fast or strong you
could swim, or for how long.

Jaime A. Headden

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