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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #97

I received the following interesting note from Ben Creisler earlier today:

"I just checked the Nomenclator Zoologicus and the name Augustia is
preoccupied by Augustia Zariquiey, 1927 (Coleoptera), that is, an insect

Indeed, another beetle--like Protognathus. Accordingly, the name of the genus
is revised to:

Augustia Bonaparte, 1998/Zariquiey, 1927

(and it loses its boldface type, too). Jose Bonaparte is being notified of
this problem, and I presume he will take care of it when his paper appears in
the symposium proceedings.

I now have the complete citations to the papers in DGL corrctions #95:

Tomida, Y., Rich, T. H. & Vickers-Rich, P., eds., 1998. _Second Symposium
Gondwana Dinosaurs, 12-13 July 1998, Abstracts with Program_, National Science
Museum, Tokyo: 24 pp.

Bonaparte, J., 1998. "An armoured sauropod from the Aptian of northern
Patagonia, Argentina," in Tomida, Rich & Vickers-Rich, eds., 1998: 10.

Bonaparte, J. & Ferigolo, J., 1998. "A new and primitive saurischian dinosaur,
_Guaibasaurus dandelariai_ [sic], gen. et sp. nov., from the Late Triassic
Caturrita Formation of southern Brazil," in Tomida, Rich & Vickers-Rich, eds.,
1998: 11.