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Re: Scubasaurus!!!

William Gibson Parker wrote:

<I have a really hard time considering a Tyrannosaur, a good swimmer. 
The arms would be useless, and the balance of the animal would seem to
be off. It would seem to be almost suicide for a Tyrannosaur to enter
deeep water.>

  Most waterfowl, if not at all, do not use their wings (or should I
say forelimbs) in swimming. It is unneccesary. Many birds that are
pathetic fliers, like the anhinga (i.e., snakebird) do use their wings
for something akin to the use of underwater fliers like penguins.

  Short arms are not neccesary drawbacks when you have a highly
manueverable neck and head, great counterbalance system, and muscular
thighs that could propel the animal very quickly, and the torque
problems on land this animal would have had (cf. any post with
Nicholas Wren's name attached to it) would have vanished in the water.

  I may be forgetting something.

Jaime A. Headden

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