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> I may be misremembering, but I think I've seen (a) drawing(s) by Abel of
> feathered nonavian theropods.  Or maybe it was Nopsca?  Early (pre-1926)
> Heilmann?  It was ca. early 20th century anyway.  Quite possible I'm
> mistaken, but I thought I'd mention it.
>                        --John R. Hutchinson
I know of at least one illustration accompanying a paper of Nopcsa and 
possibly drawn by him. You can find it in Pat Shipman's 'Taking Wing'. In 
1914, Gerhard Heilmann drew a couple of fighting _Proaves_ in a glade for 
an article that was later to become part of _The Origin of Birds_. 
Unfortunately, this fine drawing didn't make it to the final English 
translations, because Heilmann had changed his mind over the form and 
position of this hypothetical pre-bird. However, I am not aware of any 
drawing by Abel. If anyone is, please respond.

Regards, Ilja Nieuwland