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Fwd: Impact only a part of it all....

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In a message dated 8/7/98 4:40:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
dollan@cyberport.net writes:
>They see a story on the impact rtelating to the dinosaurs' death, and of
>it gets portrayed as the only cause...but what about the professionals? 
>What do you guys think?  

While, as a dedicated lurkeid, this is clearly NOT directed at me, there is a
fairly good treatment of this issue by Stephen Jay Gould in his essay
"Dinosaur in a Haystack" found in his book of the same name.  In a nutshell
(No, this is me in a nutshell...) his opinion is that the paucity of
fossilized dinos just prior to K/T is a sampling artifact which could be, and
possibly has been, addressed and disproven.  For info actually worth
obtaining, read his essay.
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