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Permian Extinction....

Okay, so while we're on the subject....

What are some of the leading theories for the Permian extinction?  From
what I've inferred from my various (and in some cases, hoplessly
outdated) reading, during the Permian Pangea was in full form, and the
typical continental climate was rather arid.  In the Triassic, Pangea
was breaking up, and the climate was growing wetter...I think.  If this
is the case, wouldn't that promote diversity, rather than cause
extinctions?  If I'm wrong, then what was up with the continetns?  

How about an ice age?  Changing ocean currents...a combination of many
things?  After all, when 90% or more of the life forms on a planet die
off, some must be going on that's pretty noticable.

We'll exclude an impact from this scenario, since there seems to be no
evidence for one as of yet (although, as they say, lack of evidence does
not mean there is none...yet).
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