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Re: Permian Extinction....

David Lessin wrote:
> I am not sure if I remember correctly, but a girl at a coffee shop showed me
> this months Discover which had an artiicle in which I believe the latest
> theory is the increase of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and dissolved CO2
> in bodies of water started a "cascade failure" in the food chain, starting
> with plankton which are sensative to high CO2 (inteferes with use of calcium
> and shell formation). The destruction of plankton populations apparently
> sent a "shockwave" through the rest of the planets ecosystems. If this is
> true....the future looks bleak since it has already been shown that plankton
> populations are dying off!
> dlessin@accesschicago.net
I will definitely make a point of getting this article.  I do wonder
what might cause such an excess.  Increased volcanic activity?  And
excess CO2 would probably effect land life at the samer time, as well as
the failure that has begun in the oceans.....

**now, back to Shark Week....**

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