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Re: Signor-Lipps effect?


    First described by P.W. Signor and J.H. Lipps (1982) - now known as the
Signor-Lipps Effect -
    As one approaches an arbitrary boundary - any arbitrary boundary - the
cummulative effect of finding fossils will decrease.  This is largely
because the area being sampled is decreasing and as one approaches the
boundary, rapidly becomes smaller than the distribution of fossils.  I. e.
the stratigraphic record will never show an abrupt extinction when rare
fossils (such as dinosaurs!) are being considered.  Because of Signor-Lipps,
the extinction will appear to be gradual - even if it isn't.

    Hope this answers your question.

        Allan Edels

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Subject: Signor-Lipps effect?

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>>Also, our available K-T-boundary
>>dinosaur samples suffer heavily from an indeterminable amount of
>>effect, so just how less diverse--if this is in fact the case--is not
>I really cannot stand it when a term that I've never heard of before is
>uttered without any explaination in a context I would normally feel I at
>least feel rather confident in most of the time. Could you please elaborate
>on this Signor-Lips effect? Is it just another name for something I did
>hear/read about before? Inquiring minds want to know...
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