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Re: impact

Kimba4evr@aol.com wrote:
> Amatuer here with 2 questions -
> First I believe I heard on a Discovery show that there is evidence for large
> impacts at each of the major extinction events - did I hear this correctly?
> Secondly - my studies of the K-T Event indicate firestorm and the impact
> causing increased volcanic activity.  OK so everything near impact would have
> been totally incinerated but further out firestorm would have killed, even
> burnt off all flesh but not completely cremated remains, without survivors to
> predate carcasses or crush them and increased volcanic activity to quickly
> bury these remains shouldn't we find at least a few fossils showing burning?
> Has anyone found any fossils that appear to have been severly burnt?

This doesn't have anything to do with the K-T impact, but at Dinosaur
Provincal Park, every now and then you can find carcoal from the
Dinosaur Park Formation. There was massive forest(?), wild fires back
then. I know Ken Carpenter has done a paper on the Wild Fires (I think).