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Re: impact - LONG

Allan Edels wrote:
> Time for my $2.00 worth about the K-T bolide and mass extinction:   :-)
> 1)    There was a mass extinction of all the non-avian dinosaurs and several
> other families (including several mammal families, ammonites, rudisks,
> etc.).
> 2)    There were a lot of different survivors, including birds, crocs,
> mammals, etc.
> 3)    Pterosaurs had all disappeared prior to the Maastrictian (possible
> exception - _Queztacoatlus_).
> 4)    Icythyosaurs had all disappeared several million years prior to K-T.
> 5)    Many of the dinosaurs were in a decline (in terms of numbers of genera
> and species).  (They may have been approaching another minor extinction
> event, which they had recovered from in the past).

Oh here I go again, I've said this over and over again on this list, and
will probably say it over and over again. Mike Tribold has a site in
South Dakota called Sandy site. It is Latest Maastrichtian, and has as
many genera there as there is in the Campanian. Dinosaurs were NOT on
the decline.