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Re: Permian extinction

I haven`t had the chance to read up on the subject, so I don`t know if this
has already been stated but, it has just occurred to me that (from what I`ve
learned in oceanography 101) the sea floor is in no area older than 250 my
due to constant subduction of the plates. Now...seeing as how all the land
mass together amounts to about 25% of the earth`s surface (correct me if I`m
wrong...I`m no expert in geography either!),  tis seems to depict a 75%
chance of the P-T impact site not ever being discovered due to its slightly
more likely chance to have struck in the vast Permian ocean. No?
..........PS, it might make for an interesting study to see if possible
impact sites line up with large scale extinctions in gereral in a 1:4 ratio.