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Re: impact - LONG

At 01:46 AM 10/08/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Oh here I go again, I've said this over and over again on this list, and
>will probably say it over and over again. Mike Tribold has a site in
>South Dakota called Sandy site. It is Latest Maastrichtian, and has as
>many genera there as there is in the Campanian. Dinosaurs were NOT on
>the decline.
I sat next to him at the Dinosaur Society Luncheon in Pittsburg a few years
back.  He talked about the diversity that he had found then, but the site
was fairly new at the time.  He had found the now famous pachycephalosaur,
at least two dromaeosaurs, elmisaurids (he said caenagnathids),
ornithomimids, and hadrosaurids.  Has he added new species to this that
would raise the generic and specific levels?  At the Campanian sites there
are over 35 genera known.  By the Maastrichtian, we seem to have come down
to only 2 genera of ceratopsian, 2 hadrosaurs, 1 possible lambeosaur, 1
hysilophodontid, 2 pachycephalosaur, and one protoceratopsid.  All of these
seem to be declines from peaks in the Campanian.  I understood at the time
that Dale Russell was supposed to be publishing on the new finds that Mike
had, but I have not heard anything since (except rumours of stuff found).

To qualify this, however, I do understand that negative evidence is NOT
good evidence.
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