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Re:_Night Comes to the Cretaceous_

Jeepers, look what I started! *sigh* Sorry everyone. Since I stimulated the 
mayhem, I'll add one little comment and exit stage left...

>>> <Dinogeorge@aol.com> >>>

>What you're trying to tell me goes something like this: A gunman opens >fire 
>at a group of ten bystanders. Say three persons survive. Nobody sees >the 
>actual shooting, and the three survivors are badly wounded and too >incoherent 
>to serve as witnesses. The other seven bystanders have their >bodies riddled 
>with bullets. <snip>

I'm sorry George, I didn't mean to set you off by implying I think the Impact 
Scenario is a bunch of hogwash. The whole problem is that our evidence just 
isn't as good as your example! I really wish it was! If we had a couple of 
dinosaurs with hunks of space material imbedded in their skulls, it would be a 
better analogy. We just have missing animals and a big hole in the ground. No 
direct evidence linking the two events, as of yet. 

For example, there has been a few old folks this summer that have died from the 
heat. I heard on the news an elderly lady was found in her house dead, with all 
the windows shut. It was a zillion degrees in her house. At first, it was 
assumed this was another heat-related death. However, after her body was 
examined, they determined that it was a murder case (I think she had been 
smothered). Imagine if the police hadn't continued with the investigation! Even 
when the results seem obvious, it isn't foolish to test it out! 

> If you feel like searching for why one or another group managed to survive 
> >the impact, be my guest, but you'll just end up going around in circles, 
> >waving your hands at one untestable hypothesis after another.

Oh, good grief. I hear more ½ baked "after impact" scenarios than I care to 
imagine. Few of those are really  testable, and are based on pure assumptions. 
How many of our ideas about dinos untestable? Most of them? Should we just give 
up all research then?

(Aimed at no one in particular)
I could care less one way or another who is right or wrong in this case. I just 
think it is wrong to close our minds to other ideas-this includes the impact 
hypothesis, too! For all we know, everything could have been dead a week before 
the dumb rock hit, or the dang thing did french-fry everything. We may dig up 
something tomorrow that will give us the answers. the problem is, will we see 
it? Or will we be too caught up in egos and clinging on to our cherished ideas 
to notice? 

The people who dare question the sacred Alvarez theory are not a bunch of 
morons. That was my whole point in the book review. Somehow that got lost along 
the way.